Oh my-- DD is going through 10 years' worth of stashed schoolwork and related detritus, and I kept a LOT of weird stuff-- asynchronous stuff-- from when she was little.

One coloring page (from a 'social studies/occupations' coloring book):

picture is of a young woman in a dentist's chair, with the dentist leaning toward her, instruments in hand, both of them smiling jovially there at the happiest dental practice on earth.

She carefully colored a few things in some strange psychedelic shades, added a cup dispenser to one corner, and (gulp) added captions.

The woman is asking "Do you LOVE ME??"

and the dentist is responding with; "YES!"

Creepiest cartoon EVER from my 4yo.

She had not yet seen Little Shop of Horrors, but this nicely explains why she has such an affinity for Steve Martin's role in the film. {sigh}

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.