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It sounds better than the rainbow fairy thing, anyway. smile

Well, as for that...
Same ghostwriting shop.

Strangely enough my AS DS9 loves their series (the dreaded Fairies, the dino ones... and just got hooked on Warriors last week...If you have an addict on your hands I suggest library + Friends of the Library used book sales.


Ha ha...DD8 LOVED the fairy books, the Dinosaur Cove series, and now the Warriors. She finished the Harry Potter books last year (and has re-read them), so it is nice to see her find another series she enjoys. Yes, I know it is not all "great literature," but I truly believe there is a value in LOVING what you read. A great deal of what I love to read is not "great literature," either! wink

Yes, we LOVE our library!!! We are usually at about our "book limit" for my card.