Oh yes! Daycare! - DD was still nursing a lot and not eating many solids when she started daycare at 11 mos. Also refused to drink breastmilk from a bottle! For some reason my in-laws still have one of her first daily reports from daycare pinned to their fridge - it says she ate ~2 tsp of rice cereal. I still laugh (well, cry) when I see it.

She did get better eating at daycare but mostly waited until I picked her up to nurse. Somehow, I did manage to wean her at just over 2 yrs...

And yes, she's stubborn. I've no doubt that we would also end up at the hospital if we tried to play "you will eat what we serve".

Out of necessity I've developed a more relaxed attitude to what she eats - I offer a meal, she eats it (or not) and if not gets herself something else.