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dd9 has been slow to get ready in the morning and we are forever falling behind. I have caught her reading books instead of getting dressed so she was told from now on no tablet, wii or computer time if she is not ready to go by 7:30 in the morning. Well yesterday she wasn't ready so I told her "remember not tablet or computer after school." Of course I forgot to stress the wii and I received a call at work from my husband last night asking me if that was still in the deal. My mini-lawyer caught the goof on my part but I told him, "nope. She knew that was the deal from the beginning for every morning." Then when I got home she asked if she was still awake after midnight could she have her tablet because it was a new day. We told her if she was still up after midnight she would get punished because we know that it was planned just for that purpose.

Who are you and why is my daughter living in your house?