indigo, the funny thing is, DD is really into Christmas this year. She can't leave any ornaments alone and she loves rearranging her presents under the tree over and over. She is so excited that she can hardly contain herself. So the magic of the season seems to carry on for DD even without "real" Santa.

Lovemydd, you might already have seen the trailer but Miyazaki's new (and his last) film is about a boy who becomes an aerospace engineer. The film is rather dark and tragic so it's definitely not meant for young children but I'm already looking forward to watching it someday with DD. Your DD's passion for aircraft design reminded me of the film. smile

New DD episode.

DD: "Sophie (our family dog), see this sign?"
Me: "What are you doing?"
DD: "Sophie isn't allowed in my ballet studio (she means our living room)."
Me: "Yes and?"
DD: "So I made a No Dogs Allowed sign like the ones at the park."
Me: "And you think she can read it?"
DD: (confused)
Me: "You know the signs at the park are for humans to read. Dogs can't read."
DD: "Sophie, you're not allowed in my studio because you are a dog and dogs are not allowed."
Me: "I don't think she understands what you are saying to her."
DD: "Why not?"
Me: "Her brain isn't wired to understand sentences. "
DD: "...Then why are you always talking to her?"

Sometimes, I do forget that she is only 3. This was a good reminder.