Mana, dd4 is much the same way. Singing (operatic renditions) are her favorite form of communication. I say enjoy it. Better yet, join her:)

Here is my funny story: DD declared that she was going to marry a boy (let's call him X) in her class. When I asked why, she replied that he has blue eyes and golden hair. I remarked that those are superficial and do not define a person's character. She immediately said," I know mom. The real reason why I like X is because he has an awesome brain. His amazing brain can solve all kinds of difficult problems." Then she added" Mom, don't tell X. I am going to marry him secretly." "But why?"" Because if I tell X, he might say he doesn't want to marry me and that he wants to marry someone else. Better to not tell him at all." "Yup, agreed! Good thinking"