Upon finishing my DD's knitted white rat and presenting it to her (this was her request for a dashboard "totem" for her car-- a nondescript small sedan that is otherwise like at least 20% of other vehicles in any parking lot):

{Squeals with delight} Thanks Mom!! She's adorable!!

SHE? I thought you were naming this one "Turing."

I have. Turing is a girl. She wants you to respect her life choices. She is a Ukrainian girl. She's about 13.

She paused and shot me a long, sly glance... which went completely over my head.

Moooo-ooom-- get it?? Ukrainian?? Because she's not a REAL rat??

Finally the penny dropped and I started to laugh. blush It was quite a clever joke-inside-a-joke.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.