Total gifted moment.

DD16 is assistant director for a college theater production-- in other words, management. She's also serving as an extra since this particular production has a lot of them, especially in the early scenes. They have to stay in makeup and costume until curtain call, however-- which is about 2h. So she's in charge of "babysitting" the dudes in the green room/dressing room to keep them quiet and well-behaved during performances...

they play cards, mostly. Someone had the bright idea to play casino games. For money. I think that they anticipated that sweet, clean-cut, preppy 16yo DD would be an easy mark-- and she has (mostly) wiped the floor with them at everything else they've played. She's a GIRL, even if she is a sort of dude-bro kind of girl. And she's way young.

The other young woman (wisely) opted out... but stuck around to watch it all unfold rather than going to gossip in the girls' dressing room. They nominated DD to be the dealer, since she's quick and quite expert at dealing and shuffling both (which should have been a tip-off, right?)... and then furthermore adopted her suggestion that play would be faster-paced if they didn't reshuffle after every hand...

yeah. She cleaned out their pockets. About the third deal, the young woman piped up; "You DO know that she's a math major, right??" eek

DD has the devil's own luck at cards. Truly. As if that were not sufficient, she can also count cards while keeping up a running patter/conversation. Entirely too easy with only one deck and not even reshuffling-- she can manage up to about 3 decks at once, this I know for a fact.

They now have a rule that if DD is playing cards, they don't play for money. cool

She kept the money, though. (It was less than $10, to be fair.)

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.