I understand that! I made meatloaf a few days ago. I usually roast mushrooms and onions, then purée and incorporate them into the meat mixture before baking. As I was pressed for time, I pan fried chopped onion and mushroom and mixed them into the meat without pureeing. Sure enough, even after picking out the visible onions and mushrooms, DS managed to find one micron of onion mid-bite and spit out only the onion without losing any meat.

He also had two experiences with hot foods--kebab and gnocchi--and it's been hard to override his memory of those foods. For about 8 weeks after kebabgate, DS literally asked if EVERY bite of food was cold. To get him to eat a nice pea and morel gnocchi, we had him eat each piece with a small ice cube. {face palm} DS is a child with a low tolerance for parental errors.

What is to give light must endure burning.