Oh, we discussed solutions to any number of resultant problems with this particular superpower. That guy from the Village People who wears the chaps? Yeah; he definitely has the right idea. A cape or regular tights would be a serious problem if you were that kind of superhero. grin (My family as a whole has raised "irreverent sense of humor" to an art form.)

Needless to say, my DD's favorite literature selection of all time is Swift's Modest Proposal. Atta girl.

Dbat-- I think it may have been Horowitz playing, but it was Saint-Saens/Liszt, certainly.

rachr-- No pets helped... LOL! I love it!!

Av-- we definitely regard the entire house as a potential experimental zone. Then again, we don't entertain much. blush It would require some odd explanations at times, that much is certain.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.