You know how we complain about teachers who differentiate by asking the gifted kids to tutor the struggling kids (regardless of whether the gifted kid likes to, wants to, or can effectively, do it)?

DS17 is in a supportive, SpEd study hall. His caseworker tells me that when he (the caseworker) was helping another student with math homework, DS started glancing over, leaning in, and would quietly get up, write the math on the board, and sit down.

I asked DS about this, and he said yeah, they have a new rule in the class that no one can ask DS for help anymore because he has his own work to do. I asked what he thinks about that. He says, it would actually be better to help them because he can't help listening and working on their math in his head anyway, and he just has to get up and write it on the board to help the caseworker.