DD has been plowing her way through Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier and the two-part inventions.

She's polishing up #8 right now and-- well, she's playing with it stylistically now that she has it completely up to tempo. Her piano teacher and I are both early music aficionadi, and she likes to tweak us.

Teacher: "It sounds really great-- lovely speed and tempo. I have some concerns about your left-hand dynamics, though. You're playing it like Rachmaninoff. This is... BACH. Light. Etherereal. You're really pounding the left in your fortes and making the piece very dark and heavy, texturally." (DD was smiling into the distance, obviously satisfied with herself over this) "This is supposed to be a harpsichord work-- light, dancing quality here. Not (she pounds keyboard) an elephant."

DD: "Hey!! I like Rachmaninoff. A lot. Besides, elephants do dance. I've seen them. Haven't you ever been to the circus? It's amazing. I like elephants, too. Just not as much as the 20th century Russians. Would you like Stravinsky instead? How about Bartok?"

She played it again with the requested changes, but it was clear that she disagrees re: keeping the sound 'period-appropriate.'

Frankly, the teacher ought to be happy that she's not yet figured out how to (consistently) put any of the two-part inventions through the Jellyroll Morton machine. Because I guarantee that she's thought about it.


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