Fun with 2E, aka why my daughter is the joy of my life:

Doing spelling remediation, dyslexic DDs most hated activity. Shes desperate to be done, begging to be finished, and yet. and yet. she just cant help herself.

I dictate: The tiger cleaned her paws.

She writes: The fluffy and adorable babby tiger liked clean her delekit paws and needly claws.

I dictate: The brave man pointed at the sky.

She writes: The brave young man pointed at the sky and lifted a golden apple to the pegasis flying down tords him.

I dictate: We were camping for three days.

She writes: We were camping enjoyably for three delectable days in the time of the hight of the aichent Egyptian empire!

DD earnestly explains to me: A plain sentence is like a cupcake without flavour, icing, sprinkles or a colourful wrapper. I add this to her whiteboard because, well, I love it so. DD contemplates for a moment, then announces, I think thats my new motto.