Does this kind of reassurance work? I can so picture my DD3-6yo telling agemates that kind of thing... and me apologizing to their horrified parents. blush Not that such a thing ever happened. {ahem}

DD shared this with everyone this morning-- I thought about just PM-ing it around, but it was too darned funny not to share more widely with this particular group!

I found the Fisher, Reviewer 1 and Tom Petty comments particularly amusing. They all sound like snarky things that I've actually heard (or thought).

In fact, I'm recalling a musing "So how do you say 'With all due respect, why was Reviewer 2 even ON this paper? Clearly s/he lacks the necessary background to understand the work,' without being obnoxious??"

This was apparently my function in most workplaces I've been in, actually; finding ways to state the unthinkable without actually doing so. LOL. There's certainly an art to it.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.