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Day 2 of school year.

DD is forced to take a "life skills" class as part and parcel of meeting graduation requirements...

the first unit, naturally enough is about "self-esteem." DD, no slouch on current motivational research, is rolling her eyes and interjecting statements of disbelief and disgust...

As she filled out her quiz, she turned to me, made kissy noises, and said...

The older I get, the more I hate myself for sucking up like this. How is THAT good for my self-esteem??

There needs to be another choice on this question and that one, too-- "I disagree with the entire premise of this question, on the basis that it is not based in current understanding of self-image vis a vis modern research."

She got 100%. By lying the way they wanted her to.

Depressingly, that itself is a real life skill! In today's world, at least, it seems that way.

A very useful life skill. But if you have to outright lie you might as well do it well I guess.