aeh - books on the floor during dinner! That is so funny! I've had books on the lap, but so far, my kids haven't tried the floor. I used to mention to neighbors or friends what I thought were funny stories about DS and his reading obsession. Until I realized that everyone thought I was crazy and told me that they can't get their kids to read under any circumstance. For instance, bedtime is around 8, and DS is allowed to read quietly until around 9, but sometimes I set an alarm to check his room around 11 to make sure he isn't still up reading. Sometimes I'm even the 'mean Mom' who physically removes all new reading material from his room late at night so he'll get some sleep. (But only when he's been really tired and I can tell he's been staying up too late reading.) And once, I told another Mom that I don't really have to punish DS because I just have to threaten to not take him to the library or to take away books.

Ashley - I'd say that I'm shocked that your child's math teacher said that, but even my own mother once made a comment to me that elementary school shouldn't be academically rigorous and that I should just be happy that DS wasn't struggling with the schoolwork.