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This isn't quirky but down right depressing.

We were goofing around today and she was being a bit physically aggressive so I said jokingly that she is going to kill me. I don't think I ever used the word kill before but it slipped. She froze up and looked very seriously and said "And you'll be cremated?" I asked her if she knew what the word meant and she said it means burning a body so it turns into bones and ashes. She then held onto me in silence.

I need to figure out where she was exposed to this. It didn't come from us, books, school, or movies. I'm always around when she has playdates with other children.

She deserves a happier childhood. frown

I'd ask her; I bet she'll be cognizant of the source.

Some messages here about existential discussions have given me an idea of the type of lines I may use with DS. You're welcome to test drive them if you think they aren't terrible. smile

"We have lots family who have lived into their late 90s. With medical advances, I plan to live to at least 130, at which point you'll be really old; over 100."

What is to give light must endure burning.