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Respect has just got nothing at all to do with a title to me. We use Dr as an identifier with the kids, so they understand they're seeing a Dr; we just call them "Firstname" when going by ourselves.... Again except for older generation specialists who clearly don't use their first names ever, when the same as our children we use whatever name makes people comfortable because its polite to do so... Respect is in your behavior, not titles for the sake of them.
I agree with Dude about children not calling adults by their first names. It's a matter of taste that will not be settled here, and I would not call people who don't mind their children addressing them by first name "weird". I do dislike enforced informality, which can be as oppressive as enforced formality. When I was in graduate school, the leader of our research group expected us to call him by his first name. It was practically torture for our Korean post-doc to call him "Jim" instead of "Dr. Smith". In Korea that would be unthinkable.