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I was touched by DS20mo's compassion toward an upset little boy (maybe 2.5) at the park today. The boy's nanny was rushing him though transitions, being rough and, most appallingly, shaming him for being upset in front of ofher children. The poor little soul was bawling his eyes out.

DS decided to go over to "cheer up boy", and began gently stroking the boy's arm and head and giving him a sympathetic smile saying, "cheer up, you'll be okay". I thought it was lovely that he was so concerned that he felt compelled to intervene, and in such a gentle and appropriate way.

You want a laugh? When DD was about 2.5 I was stressed out about something and showing it. DD just looked me right in the eye and in the sweetest, most consoling tone said - 'It's OK Dad'. The role reversal snapped me out of it. I still chuckle to myself every time I revisit the incident in my mind LOL

That's adorable, madeinuk.

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