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I am not sure when the school teaches Roman numerals. Obviously it wasn't third grade because my DS10 has not learned anything about it (He's going on fifth).
It's great that your kiddo picked up knowledge of Roman Numerals as if by osmosis. smile

Common Core standards do not include Roman Numerals. A quick perusal of the Common Core Math Standards, a search of the 93-page downloadable CCSS Math Standards PDF file, and a use of the Common Core search tool for "Roman" in Math Standards do not find this topic.

If schools do not go beyond Common Core to teach this concept, then parents hoping for their children to become familiar with Roman Numerals may want to expose their children to the concepts and/or simply point out Roman Numerals when they see them IRL. This old blog post from 2013 mentions several contexts for the use of Roman numerals... including the Super Bowl, Olympic games, names of persons (such as Queen Elizabeth II). I can think of a few more: some styles of analog watches, clock faces (especially grandfather clocks), page numbering in book prefaces, formal outline formats.

A few resources:

1. Life of Fred covers Roman Numerals in 5th grade, along with Fractions.

2. I like this RapidTables Roman numerals[/color] chart as it contains all I need to know, in a concise format.

3. Another resource for learning [color:#660000]Roman Numerals is a video (length 5:49) currently found through HippoCampus. Current navigation to the topic is as follows: Select MATH... Arithmetic... WHY-U Collection: Pre-Algebra Foundational Concepts... Roman Numerals: Sign-Value versus Positional Notation.

Wikipedia has a page on Roman Numerals here, which unfortunately seems to dismiss Roman Numerals as being somewhat obsolete... which may be reflective of Roman Numerals not being included in Common Core.