Cassmo451, that is really brave of your DD. I don't know if I could ever live in tornado zones.

It won't be too surprising if DD develops anxiety eventually because of her hyper-sensitivities not to mention a family history of anxiety and phobias. What is hard at this point, because my DD is a young 3, is tweaking our what is developmentally normal and what we need to help her cope with long-term. She had this fear of water on her face for the longest time and making her take a shower was a sheer torture for us because she'd then scream her head off but suddenly a few weeks ago, she decided she was done with bath and wants to only take a shower instead. She has outgrown most if not all of her sensory issues from toddlerhood and doesn't complain about noise, tags, seams, and food colors anymore but new triggers like the evil tiny little bird pops up out of nowhere.

I need to go get a real drink soon. laugh