Two odd things that makes me realize my kid is becoming her own person.

DD12 was on the middle school academic team and one of the boys from the team was talking to her at an event my store had a booth at. When the boy said he didn't like to read my daughter shut him down so fast his head spun. She wasn't mean to him but you could just see her thoughts like, "We are done here." She said she wasn't sure how he made the team since most the questions are over things that are not in regular education classes. I said maybe he watches documentaries, there's other ways to learn.

Then she was looking on youtube at trombone music (Her instrument in band) and she came across Nyan Cat produced as trombone music but played on a keyboard. (It's super fast for those who don't know.) She was so excited she asked me if I thought she could do it. (I also played trombone in school) I told her if she slowed it down at first and worked on it who knows what she could pull off. It's summer vacation and she found something that inspired her to practice over the summer.


"Imperfections in our journey were what made it perfect."-Ewan McGregor