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DS6 asked about photocopying the pages of a library book last night since he loves it so much. Of course we explained the whole copyright thing, but it was so adorable!
Update on this: So we bought the book for him, thinking he actually wanted to own it. But as soon as we gave it to him, he asked if we could now photocopy those pages for him. Apparently, his purpose in asking for the book was strictly to get those photocopies. He only asked us to buy the book to respect the author's copyright (we had loosely explained that he couldn't just photocopy the library book otherwise the author wouldn't be paid for his work).

So DS6 now has a full handle on trademarks, patents and copyright.

And a few bonus sweet/funny comments (because I can't share them anywhere else):

"I love water, because I can see things that have happened in the past reflected in the water. Bad or mean people would see things that frighten them, but I see good things. Like when I would be petting our cat, or snuggling with my family."


"You know why blue is my favourite colour? Because itís a sad colour, and I donít like to feel too much. Blue helps me feel calm. I like happy feelings too, and sometimes they make me feel calm. But blue is still my favourite colour."

Oh, how I love to listen to him (when he isn't driving me crazy).