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DS: "That's not what they're there for - they are there for their careers!"

No idea we had such a cynic in our house! I swear that neither DH or I have said anything like this to him (despite the current labor dispute with the teachers where we are)!

When my DS had a homework issue in a math word problem ("Amy divided all the candy she had amongst 4 friends ..." and DS was not sure if it meant 4 friends including Amy or excluding Amy) I told him to go to the teacher during "extra help" time where they help kids who have homework or academic issues. And he said almost the same thing to me - "Teachers are at school because it is their job to be there. I need to figure this out by myself." Yes, I am raising a 8 year old cynic, it seems. We have always encouraged DS to approach teachers and engage them in discussions, so I am not sure where that attitude comes from.