I realize I only just posted this morning, but this afternoon DS8 pulled his own stunt. This one is more of a brag than a quirky anecdote, but I'm not sure where that thread went...

After getting kicked off the bus twice as far from home as the school is (long story, don't ask, amongst other things, the bus driver was misgendering him and he refused to put up with it -- yes, he's queerspawn, no, he's not gender-non-conforming) He sat though a 2.5 hour political meeting at a currently struck university, and came out asking better questions than many of the undergrads.

Although I wish he would kick transphobic ass somewhat less literally, I figure three hours of activism is a pretty good workday for an almost 9 yr old, and I can't really brag about this to anyone I know in person because... school politics x2. I can't really even tell *him* how proud I am because there's a bigger picture requiring him to be less strident at school.

I think he's going to be formidable someday... which might not be encouraging for his future happiness, but still kinda makes me happy.

Also: he officially got into the gifted programme yesterday, so there's that.

DS1: Hon, you already finished your homework
DS2: Quit it with the protesting already!