Every Christmas we travel a long distance to visit family. The car ride is tiresome so the last few trips have involved "Play Doh Wars", our family's version of Food Channel's "Cake Wars". DD12 and D11 compete in the back seat using DH's ideas (best decorated Christmas stocking, for example).

One competition this year featured Christmas cookies. DD12 made these intricate Play Doh creations. DD11 made 2 lumpy cookies, 1 big, 1 medium. The larger cookie had an unhappy face. DD12 told a story about decorating her cookie. DD11 related that Play Doh Wars made her think of personification which made her think her cookies had thoughts so they had morals as well. These thoughts led her to believe that her biggest cookie was sad because the middle cookie ate the littlest cookie.

DH and I just gave each other "the look". This kid never fails to spout stuff that is just quirky.

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