In connection to an upcoming wedding, dh and I were talking about how some people jump into marriage after knowing each other for just a bit and how others like us waited for many years. I commented that as long as it works for the couple, it is alright. Dd4 was listening and she said," you know what I am going to do. When I grow up, I will look for a good person every day and the day I find him, the next day i will get married." I joked," the very next day! Don't you think that is silly?" Dd replies," maybe so. But it works for me!" Haha

Also last week, I was very upset that an acquaintance is non-stop pushing his religion on me. Even though I respect his religious belief, he is unable to respect my non-belief. Dd consoles me," mom, you don't have to believe if you don't want to. You know what I say when people bother you. Hakuna matada." I cracked up and we both ended up singing the song.