DH is usually pretty casual about the kid's abilities and most of the time thinks I'm obsessing too much about, well, everything education related. I've often complained about how they are STILL doing "topic x" in math class and it has been 5 weeks, etc.

DH was in charge of last night's Beaver meeting and did paper airplanes. He had paper with 5 fold lines clearly numbered. He had 1 adult per group of 5 kids (most of which are in grade 2 like DS, DD5 is the only girl and one of the youngest).

His response to my "how'd it go?" -
"I started off and showed them to find the number 1 and fold on the line like this (and showed them). They all stared at me like I was speaking martian. Then they proceeded to crumple them up, fold them in every way but on the #1 line or just threw their hands up and said "I can't - you do it" and ran around in circles. It was crazy. I then tried and tried to walk them through it but eventually I folded all of their paper airplanes and we moved on to the decorating and throwing contests. It didn't even occur to me that this might be hard, seriously?? DS has been building fleets for years (often with his school worksheets...). Well that was an eyeopener, I guess that is why they have to do time for 5 weeks in math class."

TBH, I was a little surprised as well, I mean boys and paper airplanes, how can you go wrong? They were pretty basic ones (as compared to some of the crazier origami ones that DS usually builds). Last year I cleared out 97 planes of many different designs from under his bed and there were still enough left that he didn't notice. I realize not everyone shares his obsession but not being able to do one plane?