Here's a trick I used to use during one on one lessons when I used to teach kids to swim to help them get over their fear of immersing their faces/getting water up their noses and when I had long hair.

First wait for them to be relaxed and start a splashing 'fight' 9 times out of 10 they will enjoy splashing you more than they hate getting splashed. Obviously, allow them to give more than they get. In the midst of the splashfest, Dip your face into/under the water and get your hair sodden.

Now, get in close to them (almost face to face) and waggle your head to allow the water in your hair to spray out onto them including their face. While doing this laugh as though you have found the ultimate trick. After a few times most kids will try to do it and forget their fear while they are doing it. When they do this, ham it up and act as though they have really got you this time to encourage them to repeat the exercise. Eventually you can point out that they no longer fear getting their face wet.


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