Our asynchronous games night -

My DS just turned 7. He received a few games as gifts, so last night we sat down to try them.

He first picked a card game I had purchased called "Moose in the House" thinking it was humourous and he would enjoy it (each player has a 'house' and you try to put a moose in other people's houses). We opened it and I read out the rules - you can block the rooms with doors to keep out the moose, or use a 'Moose trap' card to try to get rid of a moose in your house.

As soon as he saw the 'moose trap' card he no longer wanted to play. He said he would feel too sad for the moose!?!

Then we opened a fancy domino game that was set up with a train track. I happened to push the button and it triggered a very loud train sound! OK - that was it for that game, even though I removed the batteries.

Lastly we opened a Tetris game - he enjoyed this one, and used his plastic pieces to create a complex symmetrical shape in between turns. However the game ended when he decided to try to lose as many points as he could, thus blocking the other players.

Hoping we get to at least play the Tetris one again - it was fun for a while...