So this one is not just about my DD but my entire family at Thanksgiving dinner last night. We were sitting around the living room after eating and just discussing things as my family does (no we don't watch the football games and such) and we covered nearly every topic you could possibly cover. My niece discussed her College Algebra class with my father who is a College Algebra teacher (not her teacher) at the same college, after that we discussed her Chemistry and English Classes which would seem normal. But afterwards we moved on to discussing the different presidents, old graves and the stories that go along with them, and how donor body parts are harvested. I realized just where my daughter gets all this curiosity for odd information when my mother looked at me and said I think we need to make a program for holiday discussions to keep track of all the information. And where was my daughter in all this. She and her cousin were in the other room making origami birds and stars that he'd learned from a youtube channel.
So that was my thanksgiving. For those of you who celebrate, happy belated Thanksgiving. And am I the only one who notices my family has strange discussions at family gatherings?


"Imperfections in our journey were what made it perfect."-Ewan McGregor