DD7 was getting some alone time the other day with her grandparents. They were driving to another town about 15 miles away and I guess DD was really chatting it up, enjoying her alone time without DD9 around. She really impressed her grandpa during this drive - enough that he had to call me up to tell me all about it, which is not typical.

He said there was a storm system moving in and the clouds were building up in the distance. DD7 was taking it all in and proceeded to give a lecture on the clouds and the water cycle. I guess Grandpa was extremely surprised that DD7 knew and used the appropriate words like cumulus, precipitation, condensation, saturation, and transpiration while describing the impending rain.

Grandpa is very scientific minded and even though we have told all the grandparents about DD7 and DD9's talents, I guess this conversation made a true believer out of him. She must have been a real pip for him to call and tell me! I just wish I would have been there to see his reaction.