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so awesome. what were the other bits? space alien? green cheese? robot? i'm excited!

and i'm going to steal this one for DD5 - she's in LOVE with percentages right now, and this would tickle her to no end. and i bet she'll do one for everyone she knows. i can't wait to see what percentage of avocado i am. (probably 95-97% - she says i eat way too many.)

Mammal was the only really amusing one. DD is actually still outraged that her 2nd grade teacher was asked by a student if we're mammals, and the teacher responded in the negative. I had to explain to her that elementary school teachers aren't experts in things like science and math, because kids at that age don't really need to learn from experts, they're just starting with the basics. I'm sure that's why it was included.

I was pleased that "awesome" showed up in her list, though, because that ties in with a theme I've been using with DD regarding self-confidence (self-image is something she really struggles with). When DD is impressed with me and asks, "Wow, Dad, how did you do that?", I often respond with a tongue-in-cheek, "I used my awesomeness." And then I encourage her to tap into her awesomeness, and she'll be surprised with what she can accomplish.

And so, "Hey, I see you've got 16% awesomeness. That's very good, but I think we can improve that. Let's see if you can get to 20% awesomeness by the end of the year."

She rolled her eyes at me, and said she only put that because she couldn't think of anything else.