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Mummy, if a weak baby wants to share my shovel and says ( DS raises his voice to a falsetto ), "DS, may I please use your shovel?" I will say, "Yes, weak baby, you may. I would be delighted to share my shovel with you. Would you like to play with me?"

But if the weak baby doesn't ask nicely, I will say, "No, weak baby, you may not use my shovel. I'm busy using it." If the weak baby tries to snatch it from me, I will say, "Excuse me, weak baby. You're crowding me. Please step back."

If the weak baby still keeps grabbing my shovel, I will get Daddy and he will say ( DS lowers his voice to impersonate DH), "Weak baby, please give that shovel back to DS." And he will look at the weak baby's parent to get them to make the weak baby give it back to me.

Me: It sounds like you have your plan all figured out. So you'll only play with polite children?

DS: Yes.

Me: I think that's a good policy.

I read these to DH pretty much every night. We both love it. He asked me if there were any updates to how the park date with the "weak babies" went.


I can't speak to that particular day as I stayed back, but I do know about the next day. He played "soccer" with a sweet little 4 year old boy. I use quotes because he grew indifferent mid-play once he was satisfied he knew what he was doing, went limp like a rag doll, flopping down on the ground, requiring me to pick him up and carry him to the ball to keep his interest up. That is SOOO DS...interest is maintained until he perceives "mastery", then it's onto the next great thing. (As an aside, I was a bit shocked to see his ball handling was better than a 4yo's.)

He shared his favorite purple shovel with an older girl voluntarily, "because she looked like she needed it more."

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