Before reading Harry Potter Book 1 & 2

DD5: Oh, Mommy, I know this isn't real. Harry Potter isn't real. Voldemort isn't real. I'm not scared so don't worry.

After reading Harry Potter Book 1 & 2

DD5: Mommy, there is a huge problem.
Me: Yes?
DD5: They don't have a music teacher at Hogwarts.
Me: Why is that a huge problem?
DD5: When I attend Hogwarts, I don't want to have to quit music.
Me: Why are you attending Hogwarts?
DD5: So I can become a Gryffindor.
Me: Are you sure courage is your defining quality?
DD5: What are you trying to imply, Mommy?

So apparently, my child who has often been skeptical about Santa believes in Harry Potter. The magic of childhood.