DD14 remarks "Tone and intonation really ARE everything..."

One of the regular research students in the lab, today, commented; "Name on a paper... best paper at a conference... not bad for fourteen..." but she said it sincerely-- and teasingly, but with a smile.

Which just sounds SO much better than when {Teacher} said it* with that obsequious, patronizing tone and smirk."

*His exact words were; "You should be very proud of your performance in my class. You did a remarkable job for a 12 year old."

(This because she had asked him about extra credit (which is ROUTINELY handed out like candy from a parade float I might add- unless you happen to be already earning top marks, that is) in order to garner her the extra 3-5 points needed to elevate her high 97% to a 98% and an A+ in his Honors History course.

She loathes that teacher for that remark. She was positively indignant-- and she KNEW it was inappropriate as soon as she heard it. "What did he mean 'for a twelve year old??' My performance in his class has been GOOD-- FOR ANYONE. Wonder if he'd have said 'for a girl' if I were sixteen?" She was completely correct, actually-- her term paper would have gotten an A in the toughest college history class I ever took.

DD had an awesome day today, but that belongs in the brag-brag thread... this was just a funny insight into my DD's thinking. Not a little insightful as a window into what our PG kids face when they are accelerated, too, I think.

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