We had a long drive home yesterday and DD4 was non-stop yapping and cracking us all up. Here is a snippet.
"So I work in this office in Paris. I do office work there, like working on computer and stuff. And they pay me well. I get $20 an hour. But I only work 1 hour a day. So I make $20 a day. We make a lot of t-shirts in my office. You are not going to believe how cheap we sell them for. Only $5 for a t-shirt. We have so many t-shirts we cannot sell them fast enough. Our sinks and bathtubs are overflowing with t-shirts. I buy 4 t-shirts every day (mom's observation: good division). But yesterday, I only bought 3. Because I had to give $5 to the government. There was flooding near my office. The sidewalks were flooded and real slippery. So the government wanted to buy some brooms to sweep the water and they said $5 is enough. So I paid it. You guys can come anytime and open the front door and grab as many t-shirts as you want. Don't have to pay. See the problem is we have so many t-shirts, there is no room for the payer (the guy you pay to). He got bonked by the t-shirts and left. So everything is now free." And on and on and on for 6 hours. What fun!