He'd fall asleep with podcasts and audiobooks, not to mention he'd need to learn the technology. He's been asking for the newspaper so I do bring that, and he's picked out a book from their large-print library, but his attention span isn't so great. He goes to "joggin' the noggin" and trivia time, but it's things like "name a word that starts with K". Yawn. I try to be there for Jeopardy which is on at 3:30 in our area, which is good as it tends to be between activity and dinner.

The other day he told me that in morning chair exercise, the leader always asks where they should "march" to. He suggested an intersection our city, because he knew his friend--the ophthalmologist in the room next door--was from that neighborhood and he wanted to "get a rise" out of him; that is, perk him up. I'm so glad he's being supportive of his fellow "inmates". Although, because he's not 100%, the intersection he named is really two parallel streets, but hey! close enough, and I know the leader got a kick out of it and was from a nearby neighborhood and so they got to chatting about it.

I'm also going to suggest that they bring in some artwork that is representative of our area, instead of the anonymous hotel-style "art" on the walls. Maybe some local scenery, landmarks, or fine art from our museums. But it's a private company, so I'm sure it's all "corporate approved" frown And I've suggested a local history speaker, in addition to the "travelogue" and art history they sometimes have. I also suggested a poker group for "the guys", but they didn't go for that lol.

One of the fellows leads a Spanish class once or twice a week! I love that!

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