Quirky anecdote 1:

Yesterday, DS2.8 recited a passage from a recent library book from memory, intentionally removing the first syllable/sound from every word, and he was only a touch slower than if he were reciting it word perfect:

uper orm is uper trong
uper orm is uper ong
atch im iggle
ee im uirm
ip ip ooray or uper orm!

(The original is:
Super worm is super strong
Super worm is super long
Watch him wiggle
See him squirm
Hip Hip hooray for super worm!)

He was very pleased with himself.

Maybe not-so-quirky, but morally satisfying anecdote 2:

Also, today DS read in front of his skeptic Nana (my MIL), who was forced to finally believe that yes, he can read, his mother isn't just a fabricator of lies. (He did read the label off a gift at his 2nd birthday party, but I guess that wasn't convincing enough.)

Quirky anecdote 3:

Yesterday, DS was doing some experiments with his trains while I was emptying the dishwasher. I looked over and said, "Hey, why do you think that train got stuck around the bend?"

He looks up and says in the tone of an exasperated teenager, "It's FRICTION, Mama. You know that."

What is to give light must endure burning.