DD14 is geeking out over this video this morning (sent to her and a classmate by their former Physics teacher):


She immediately says to me, an unholy fire in her eyes-- Oh mom, I think that maybe I do like Physics after all. Just not classical mechanics. I can't WAIT to take calculus-based physics in college! Yay!!

Another quirky quip from her last week, regarding a disastrous competition outing with her dog (a VERY eager-to-please, very tender herder) in which she was trying to "force" the dog, rather than "encourage" her-- ultimately, the dog decided she'd had enough and taught her a lesson by abruptly becoming overtly oppositional. In the ring. With the judge watching.

I made some quip about not treating the dog with that level of disrespect again... treating her like the PARTNER that she clearly sees herself as...

DD: Yeah, I feel pretty bad about that. I was wrong. {deep sigh}

Me: What was that? Wow-- did you say what I thought you said?

DD: Probably not. I was saying something about loving the taste of crow.

Me: snorting "Yeah, the dog kinda SERVED you."

Her: {uncharacteristically meekly} "And she made me clean my plate, too. And say 'thank you.'


At least she learns. Took a 19 lb creampuff of a dog, pushed beyond all reason, to teach her that lesson, and it took doing it the hard way, but at least she learns.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.