DD6 pipes up from the back seat, out of the blue: "Pardon, est-ce que vous comprenez le Francais?"
After nearly driving off the road, I reply, and ask her the same. "En peu," she says breezily smile
Then, "Et, est-ce que vous comprenez l'Anglais?"
"Oui, je comprends tres bien," I say, and she doesn't know tres bien, so I explain.
"Ah, merci," she says then quietly practices a couple of other phrases - "S'il vous plait" and "Japonaise" etc - to herself.

Meanwhile I'm calculating that she once overheard me playing a half-hour language tape around three months ago. Later DH suggested she and I learn French together but I say no way! Non! She'll leave me for dust smile (Okay, maybe we will because she's lovely and will help me, lol)