Thank you aquinas and doubtfulguest for your support. I was caught off-guard and it's hard to accept that the protective bubble I thought I was raising her in was mostly all in my head. I know rationally, it's easier to help them cope with rational fear than with irrational childhood terrors but I'm not sure if I'm ready to have a conversation about my own mortality with my 3 year old yet.

Going back to quirkiness, DG, being able to use the word "whom" is not super-dumb at all. I'm sure your DD sounds positively charming.

Our newest. DD loves feeding birds. She feeds them almost daily. It was a beautiful day yesterday so we decided to drive an hour to picnic on a scenic spot for lunch. She then meets a little tiny bird and she is convinced that that bird is evil and wants to steal her lunch. She cries so inconsolably that we had to pack our lunch and eat in the car. She is just so, so, strange.