aquinas, if your DS can truly know himself, he will be ahead of most of us. I wonder what he would think of that? smile

Things are finally working the way they should for both my kids, after 3-6 months of therapy:

DD13 - the one with real difficulty writing, especially with idea generation - is holed up in her room writing the novel she's been working on for the last month!
She chose, applied to, and was accepted at a private school that should make her very happy next year. She's finding her people. (Nearly everyone IRL, that would be NOT YOU. So I can't say it out loud.)

Meanwhile, DD8 - who was reasonably accurately assessed at 1st grade reading level at the start of the year, since she couldn't bring a whole word into focus at once - is now frustrated that the 3rd grade chapter books she's chosen aren't taking long enough to read. She's moved up to 6th grade level stuff, which is where her interest is anyway.
Where else can I say that with relief, instead of as a boast?
Yesterday we received a new Beast Academy shipment. She carried the book with her everywhere and read it in the grocery store (!), then quizzed me on logic puzzles all the way home. She was amazingly pleasant all evening! Full, happy brains.