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Speaking of 20 questions, in our house it's not animal/vegetable/mineral but animal/vegetable/mineral/abstract concept. laugh DH and I have learned our lesson after playing with the kids..too many games where they chose things like "time" and "syllables."

Oh, the flashbacks to kindergarten "Alphabet Surprise". It was a kind of show-and-tell where kids were supposed to bring (hidden in a bag) a household object starting with a specific letter, with three clues for the other kids to guess what they had. Not once did 4YO DS select an actual, physical object for his word. The times we had, trying to figure out what to put in that bag! (never mind the poor kids trying to guess from his clues).

And since I'm here smile DS, now 11 (math monster, avid avoider of all things Language Arts): We should play haiku charades. You create a haiku as a clue for each word, and then once the other team guesses all the words, they have to put them in the right order to create another haiku that is itself the clue for the final answer...