We took DD4(then 3.3) to Disney world earlier this year and while she had her doubts about the characters in costume, she LOVED the whole experience! The parades were her favorite. I thought the whole thing was so fake and over the top, but I kept my thoughts to myself and let DD enjoy the magic while she still can. Seems like you DD has already outgrown the magic. Alas!

Here is my quirky brag. I read an article on moon to DD earlier yesterday. Later in the evening, she took me into her play tent with a flashlight and a tennis ball, asked me to turn off all the lights and then shone the flashlight on the ball and remarked," Hmmm, well, I guess it is possible!" When I asked her what she meant she replied," I wasn't sure how the moon could be so bright from just reflecting the light from the sun so I wanted to see if the ball would reflect the light."