That's awesome aquinas!

DS7 also has sensory issue that were making it hard to learn to swim (actually, both my kids did). DS has refused up until now to either jump into the pool or put his face and head into the water. This is after many, many private lessons and many instructors encouraging him to do so.

He finally seems to have overcome this, and I'm not sure why or how. At the start of the latest session he just decided he was going to learn to do this - he spent the whole 30 minute session putting his face, and then his head in the water - on his own! And he was clearly not enjoying it - the look on his face each time was priceless! But he was determined to do this, for whatever reason. Now on the third lesson, it seems easier for him and he's actually floating on his front and made it across the (small kiddie) pool with hands out front and kicking his feet.

Now if I can only convince him to wear his goggles....