Okay, I'm reluctant to do back-to-back posts, but this was too cute not to share. We just returned from vacation and DS21mo gave directions to our cabbie once he heard what major route we were taking. (Street names changed).

Cabbie: Do you want me to take Albert or Bond?

Me: Albert, please. Bond is one-way eastbound and we can't turn left onto Cramer from it.

Cabbie: And then should I take Albert to Cramer directly?

DS: No. Take Barr please, then Berlin, then Cramer.

That was, in fact, the most direct route and the one least likely to be congested at that time of day!

DS often gives me directions when we're walking to the park (because I'm a fan of exploring alternate routes), but he'd never given more than a two-part set of directions before.

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