DS11 loves creating stories. At school they have daily writing time. He created a series that had all the kids in his class passing around his journal each day to see what would happen next.

After a while, he got bored with writing those characters though. Some kids were doing fanfics with his characters so he offered to sell temporary rights to the series to the classmate with the best fanfics. Hed maintain ownership but would allow this other kid to continue the official series while he explored other projects. They have a classroom currency so they were able to work out a deal. He took some time off from that series but lately has been helping out the new author because We are losing readers. He needs more conflict. Its boring for the characters to just win win win with no problems to overcome.
So I thought that was cool and I was impressed with his deal making.

Also, he is doing this game with another friend that is basically a D&D style choose your own adventure. His friend is the character and makes decisions based on the scenarios DS creates and DS weaves it all into a very elaborate story. Where the series he wrote in class is like a Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Captain Underpants style story, this one with his friend is a post apocalypse epic. The boys are both in the gifted program and get bussed to a school on the other side of our district so they spend about 2 hours on the bus each day playing this game. DS was thinking through scenarios last night and it was fascinating to hear how his mind works. It is really good story thats all in DSs head right now.
He says he might write it out at some point but isnt ready to do that yet.