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This has absolutely nothing to do with your anecdote, aquinas, except ... by association: one day several years ago, I comment that DC#1 (playing horsey) is trotting around the house. I get back, "no, I'm cantering", followed by a narrated demonstration of the exact sequences of steps that constitute trotting, cantering, galloping, etc.

No one in our family rides, nor have the kids been on horseback even at a zoo more than two or three times in their lives.

It's amazing how kids will gravitate to topics they enjoy. Has the passion for horses persisted? I definitely lack the equestrian nuances of your #1 and would be left flat-footed, making pathetic whinnying noises if asked to make a similar demo.

One more piggyback--I promise this will be my last today!

We see a similar sort of love of detail with DS. He doesn't let a lack of actual information stop him. He really enjoys making up detailed pseudo-information and relating it with an official air. (trolling, maybe? wink ) He recently convinced a museum docent that an inflatable model of a jellyfish was actually an obscure type of (non-existent) macrophage ("aminapestis", I think inspired by the bacteria behind the plague, yersinia pestis.)

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