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Today he seemed particularly pleased to have come up with what he thinks is the ultimate bad scenario for me: me being forced to kill him, then being required to live a time in his absence with my guilt, followed by my own death. Thankfully we were at home when DS, displeased at not getting his way, loudly compelled me to kill him repeatedly, complete with brief pauses in pathos to check my reaction. My dispassionate, "No, I'm not going to kill you or allow myself to be killed," would probably have been met by raised eyebrows in public.

DS is not a child for faint-hearted parents, and I would be terribly unfulfilled with a less, shall we say, experimental child. Life is always interesting here. smile
My son's version of this (when younger): if you HAD to kill either me or DD, who would you choose? He would insist I answer--but I don't think my answers were ever very satisfying.

Yes, thankful these were private conversations.